COVID19 and Teenage Relationships

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COVID19 both easily and obviously impacts everyone in unique ways—ways that alter emotions, situations and naturally, relationships. I mention relationships with great emphasis because the quarantine caused by the coronavirus has us locked up inside and stripped away our social dynamic. Some of us, were just getting started with our new love interests!

The scenario created by this fact is incredibly harsh on many relationships, especially those of teenagers. This is true because teenagers don’t have the liberty of visiting with their significant other, which means more separation that often leads to more speculation. It’s hard to connect with our friends. How are they really doing? We like to see each other’s faces. We like to gauge their body language and facial expressions. Digital group hangout sessions are not as effective to accomplish this as real-in-person-face-time.

We miss getting messy and having fun!

Everyone’s situation is different however, some teens are let out by their parents while some are not and this leads to spotty interactions. I’m fascinated at how “across the board” some parents view quarantine restrictions.  I notice some parents are chill, some are extra afraid for their teens. Understandable.

Not only is this confusing but it is also deceiving at times, as many teens gather excitement leading up to a scheduled hangout with their significant other only to be denied by the rules of the opposite parents. This phenomena only adds to the seemingly bleak situation us teens are already living through. Many of us grow increasingly worried about the status of our relationships through this hard time, only a few are lucky enough to have that worry under control. Going as long as a week without seeing each other is sometimes enough to spark anxiousness and worry with many teens and perhaps severely impact their relationships as well.

This is our unfortunate truth right now. However, we must accept and surrender as we all “bunker-down” to navigate the coronavirus situation together. Bubbling to the surface is the realization that we’re all in this together.

If we endure this hardship together, it supplies us with the realization that all teens are experiencing this simultaneously. There’s an ironic comfort in that realization.

This realization allows many teens to become lenient with their partner and to show much respect upon the conclusion that they may not see each other for a while, which is at least a small comforting element. Our parents say that trust and respect is the foundation of building quality relationships. This pandemic is certainly highlighting the importance of trust and respect.

We massively miss group dates!

Speaking personally and from reference collected from my peers, us teens all commonly notice how little time we can spend with our significant others, regardless of our parents’ imposed restrictions. Many of my friends claim that although they have some small freedom to see their boy or girl friends, it remains drastically different and we’ve all had to wildly adapt to the pandemic.

Places to meet become restricted to each other’s homes, still maintaining 2m distancing, if that. Many date ideas are banished and impossible without putting yourself and your partner at risk. And this of course is without the parental disagreements added in, which often turn the idea of dates into fantasy, for the time being. However it is incredibly important that us teens realize that although the situation is despairing, it is not everlasting and will lead to freedom within our relationships once again. This freedom will also most likely come sooner than expected. The month of May is looking up!

To conclude, it is crucial that everyone and especially us teens, live with optimism and the knowledge that the pandemic may not last as long as expected—which will in turn will lead to precious time spent with our friends and new love interests, soon. It’s a great idea to use this time to reflect on HOW much we appreciate our special people and to perhaps conjure up new and out of this world date-plans, when this bad nightmare is over.

This piece is dedicated to my friend Sidney. I can’t wait to see you again.


Tyler Verrier is a new writer to Pulp Cottage and we are excited to welcome him to our roster of content contributors. Tyler writes about local and world-wide social interest topics from a teen perspective. In his now ample spare-time, Ty plays the drums on a space-grey DW acoustic kit and is anxious to fire up his dirt-bike this spring.

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Welcome Marcia Lee Laycock!

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Marcia (Mar-see-ah) Lee Laycock has arrived with her husband, Spencer, and their charming fur baby— Jackson!  They are tucked in nicely at Pulp Cottage and we had a wonderful opportunity to check in with them, recently. We invite YOU to learn more about Marcia and her long and illustrious career as a 12+ time published Canadian author.

Pulp Cottage is proud to present a SAMPLE of M. L. Laycock’s writing — a quintessential Canadian summertime treat shared with us—and a small Q & A session. We are equally excited to announce an afternoon WORKSHOP for local area writers and enthusiasts to attend:  Terrific Tips for Terrific Writing! (Aug 24 @Bonnyville Beach Hall, 1 -4 pm)

Pulp | Welcome Marcia! After a few days getting settled in the Bonnyville, AB area, how are you enjoying your stay so far?

MLL | We are really enjoying ourselves and find the cottage is a close distance to the Town of Bonnyville and everyone is quite welcoming! We are enjoying the lakefront space and remark how quiet it is. The neighbours have waved hello and seem to be quite pleasant. (Pulp Cottage neighbours really are the best!)

Pulp | During your stay, what will you be working on?

MLL | While at Moose Lake I am working on a YA fantasy series. The first draft of book 1 is complete, the second almost done and the third only in outline form. My goal would be to polish book one and finish the draft of book 2. I have been in touch with a royalty publisher who is interested in this project, so I would like to be able to send off the first two books by the end of September.

This project is perhaps the most personal and therefore the most difficult of all the books/articles and short stories I have written. It deals with a young woman’s longing for her father’s love, a theme that I have come to realize is one that is extant in the lives of women of all ages.

Pulp | What are you most excited to experience during your stay here at Pulp Cottage?

MLL | We have an exciting WORKSHOP planned for Aug 24! Here I will share craft tips surrounding the subtle art of “show don’t tell” and elaborate on the importance of focus with fiction theme-based-writing. Attendants will leave inspired and further prepared to proceed with their own productions.

Pulp | Marcia, we remark that you have developed an equally lucrative career as a speaker and educator! Can you tell us which you prefer more—Speaking or Writing?

MLL | That’s a tough one to answer! During the course of discovering that I was good at connecting with audiences through orations and keynote speaking engagements, a new passion emerged! I enjoy BOTH and I’m grateful that they are complimentary to each other. Sharing my observations and lessons learned with others, is incredibly empowering and unifying.

Marcia Lee Laycock is a christian and lively spirited writer who survived life near the arctic circle for over a decade and  had nurtured her family while settled 2 degrees away from the equator, in Papua New Guinea! Marcia and her husband Pastor Spence (newly retired) currently reside in Blackfalds, Alberta for the past 20 years. 

Without further delay, please enjoy this sample of writing shared with Pulp Cottage audience members. (Writing inspired from her time in Papua New Guinea)

When I was Away | Written By Marcia Lee Laycock

I sent you photographs:
 my daughters in the jungle,
 among bamboo, squinting
 by rows of pineapples and coconut palm
 into a tropical sun.

flowers, eruptions
 of scarlet on thick green stems
 showers of bougainvillea over water tanks
 hedges hazy with yellow blooms 
 and birds of paradise orange and open-beaked

tall green trees, bark peeling in strips
 of red and blue, palms 
 and broad-leafed bananas
 like stiff sails clapped by the wind

insects, sized for the movie screen
 edible, whole or in part,
 singing incessant cadences of
 voice and wing.

You sent me whispers of winter
mingled with lines of news
weddings, babies born,
friends moving, changing, dying

but never
did you describe that
once-known place,
assuming it still remained
familiar to my mind
not knowing
when I was away I wanted
to know,
how did that snowflake feel,
when it touched your cheek?


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Meet Marcia Lee Laycock
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