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Pulp Cottage Politics | Meet our Cartoonist

Pulp Cottage Politics | Cartoonist 3 min  Read

Welcome to our latest website GALLERY addition: Pulp Cottage Politics! Here is where you can enjoy 100% ad-free space to browse favourite political everything from Canada and beyond. Our gallery has a pop-up-shop feel and we wanted to kick it all off with an introduction to Pulp Cottage’s very own Cartoonist!

Everyone meet “G”. Yup, he’s SO good that he need only go by a single letter…lol! Just another extension of G’s many humours lent to Pulp Cottage and our audience. But for reals now….here’s G’s bio and a sampling of our zany renditions of Canadian Political Life as we see it…watch weekly for NEW #PulpPolitics ‘toons across all your favourite social mediums!

Have YOU ever spotted G in the flesh?

G is a Canadian Oilman TRAPPED in a digital cartoon land of wonder! Hoping to humorously open minds and ignite spirited debates. A connoisseur of all things “oilpatch” from downhole to midstream, G can frequently be found haunting the oilfields of Everywhere, Alberta.

Welcome G to the #PulpPolitics team of content contributors!

PMO Justin Trudeau uses his favourite wedge issues in the quest to “Divide & Conquer” Canadians coast-to-coast!
During COVID19 crisis, many Canadians wonder WHAT has The Trudeau Foundation donated to help his country-peoples? Hint *Nothing*

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