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About the Author:

Carmen Verrier is a life-long word nerd and plucky farm girl who was raised in a butcher shop. Completely peculiar. She now lives on the shoreline of Moose Lake, Alberta Canada— just a lasso toss, away from her childhood home cattle ranch. She’s a serial entrepreneur who made a 10 year pit-stop in the Alberta oilfields by co-founding 2 successful service companies that are thriving in existence today. Carmen loves writing about everything and enjoys helping people to brand their new start-up companies and side-hustles. Digital design, target marketing, and viable tax-dodging-tips, get her fired UP!

She’s the wife of a pipeline-boss, a mother of two and bilingual, but she’s also been: a ballerina, a cold-flow-oil single well battery operator, a newspaper columnist, oilfield magazine contributor, a Red Seal Journeyman Hairstylist, and an accomplished yoga instructor who just bought a vintage Suzuki motorbike. Phew! Carmen is a chameleon who loves to make people laugh. She’s a quick-study and remains constantly curious—she’s just recently fired up her 4th corporate start-up: Pulp Cottage. Carmen is also currently studying the art of technical writing at Mount Royal University. She “can’t stop, won’t stop” until short stories and essays are cool again!

Carmen is passionate about sharing her often tough-learned- road-to-success tips, to women of all ages. She’s a total Xennial*. She’s a cheer-you-on sorority sister, and does her best creative writing at 3am while her family sleeps. Carmen’s writing is best enjoyed when read aloud to your friends, when you’re feeling stuck, or when celebrating a big win!

* Xennial: Definition  | People born in this range of years, had a [mostly] analog childhood with a digital upbringing.

– Wikipedi

She’s a fast-living, hard-loving, Virgo transition queen that wants you to, “Buy the ticket and take the ride.” — Hunter S Thompson



I only lick chips— I don’t eat them. All the flavor—no carbs = winning! I secretly enjoy how it grosses out my friends. Hiding behind corners to scare my loved ones, is a burgeoning passion. I appreciate elaborate pranks, too!


I truly believe that people can change: I’ve lived it too many times, for this— to not be true. Go easy on your fellow humans that are struggling with change. Transitions are necessary, scary and hard to do.


I love a good conspiracy theory. I believe that humans have never landed on the moon. Why don’t we (by now) have an awesome moon-station-destination to book through our favorite travel agent, then? Hmmm, because it never happened.


Honesty is hard. Being dishonest with yourself will muddle your life beyond recognition. Muddle, what a great word, huh? I’m learning how to be more “tactful” with honesty and some days, I win at this.


I believe in capitalism, a nation’s survival depends on it; yet I’ve learned that nothing is more destructive than personal human greed. Ooh, there’s a story here. Partnerships gone sour?!


Big egos and whiners are the root of all that sucks in this world. Check yo self. “Complaining without proposing a solution is called whining.”— [said] Winston Churchill and every parent, ever!


The law of attraction is real! It is, I tell you! Change the quality of your thoughts, and your life shifts in tandem. It’s not magic or lucky. No better time like NOW to start your dream business.


When you have the opportunity to be ‘right’ or ‘kind,’ choose kind as often as safely applicable. Build bridges of understanding instead of setting them ablaze with your ‘know-it-all-ness.’


Family is paramount. Learn to trust someone. “Family” doesn’t have to be blood related—find your fellow tribesmen, that can be your family. Love them, and they will love you back. “Trust me,” lone-wolfers: you need love.


I LOVE birthdays. I love my birthday, I love your birthday. Some people never get the chance to grow old and complain about getting older. Plus, you usually have more money as you get older; and I enjoy not paying for gas and “pleasure taxed items” with nickels & dimes anymore. Hey, that’s something! I’m 39 and feeling so fine.


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