Trade Secret TIP sheet : Express Websites are where it’s AT! 

Gah! We’ve all been there! You’ve got a great lil side-start-up-business and you need to GET the WORD out THERE! True, most people hit the Socials first to access free advertising. Social Media platforms are a great way to set-up-shop. But what happens when people start to look for your business online and find nothing but sketchy links to Facebook & Instagram?

Enter the land of building your own website.  There’s nothing that tough new business owners understand more than sweat-equity. Building your own website sounds empowering and many big name platforms promise all sorts of ‘ease-of-usage’. However, moments into your—full weekend dedicated to building—you realize that you’re in over your head and start to send frustrated emails to the platform support desk.

UGH! Not so easy after all. Now you’ve messaged them so many times, they’re suggesting that you now have to pay another small fee to access their ‘help’. Hmm, you’ve also made some cool graphic element choices to include on your DIY website, but those ones aren’t ‘free’.  More cost—blech!

DIY Websites are STILL frustrating!

At this point, you think that you’ve almost made it but forgot that you need 2 email addresses and 3 alias email accounts that route through your website. AND you can tell that your website looks crappy when viewed on your mobile device. WHY does it look different on your desktop than on your mobile phone? Arghhhhh. Stop the madness. STOP wasting your time and money!


EXPRESS Websites are where you need to be when your new business start-up soaked up most of your operating cash. These (typically) 3 page web stunners are entry-priced $1,200 – $2000 (all in cost) with all your bells and whistles included.



Pulp Cottage EXPRESS Websites target these elements on the cheap:

  • Complete custom | unique design with room to grow more pages as you can AFFORD
  • Unique graphics and way cool add-ins to make your site standout, like fun card-layouts | Flat Imaging | JavaScript | HTML | CSS | Content Management Systems galore!
  • Email routing:  3 core Gmail accounts with room for ALIAS accounts
  • GREAT display across all viewing devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Landing Pages that get visitors to convert to sales | Commerce websites
  • Address the core info of your business precisely: Who, What, Where, HOW, Contact | Google My Business
  • SEO (search engine optimized):  To keep your website at the top of Google search lists
  • Technical Writing: Professionally written content that uses your words—unique to you
  • There’s so much more offered….let’s chat anytime *TeeHee

What DIY website services like WIX and GoDaddy DON’T TELL YOU:

That you’ll end up paying at least $1000 + to get all of your website wish-list items achieved.

  • You’ll end up burning through a few evenings and weekends on your own, only to email them frequently for help, anyways!
  • That you’ll only get a bit of  ‘movement’ option on your website template chosen. Meaning, you can only place data, graphics and text, where they allow—poopy!
  • When you’ve got your ‘look’ the way you want it on desktop, it looks terrible on mobile | tablet display —Boo!
  • Lastly, sorry to tell ya, BUT…your website still looks like you or your sweet 8 year old built it….


Look for website constructors that offer these CRITICAL services:

  1. Have a professional web designer on the team focusing on UX design (user experience).
  2. Have a professional technical writer | copywriter on the team—who else is going to string ‘dem words together’?
  3. Offer different websites at different prices. This one is important. Good website constructors offer full websites, commerce websites, and EXPRESS websites. You want to find the perfect website for your perfect cost.
  4. Building| Hosting that offers sensational tech support-obvi!
  5. Are they a certified Google Suite provider and installer? Your business needs to move beyond Outlook and into 2019, therefore this certification is important for ease-of-business-operation.


A sham website builder will only offer a traditional FULL website featuring 5+ standard pages. These guys make more money on every extra web page they build for you, and this is how and why most people complain that their fancy websites cost no-less than a $5,000.00 entry.

These people are indeed tech scam artists. They are not interested in saving you money or offering you a staggered cost-entry into owning and understanding your website. Your website is a primary tool for your business.

You’ll also want to inquire if you OWN your domain after the website construction is completed and it is live on the world wide web. Run away from anyone who dances around this question. **Tip** Your domain (if purchased by your builder) will often, not belong to you, until your project is paid in full.

Lastly, look for website providers that engage you into a contract. These builders are legit and clearly define what you get and how much you’ll pay for the project. Everything is kept clearly defined and above-board with these types of operators.

WHY use Pulp Cottage for your website project?

We LOVE answering this question! Pulp Cottage specializes in helping new business start-up owners. We take you from Logo to Launching your new business idea online. Here’s a sampling of our most popular business support services:

  • Build your new corporate logo | brand: Our graphic design team is exceptional! We’ve branded and re-branded amazing organizations, successfully. Check them out on our “Hire PC” page.

    Pulp Cottage Brands | Clients 2018-19
  • Define your brand & analyze YOUR audience: What do you do or sell, who do you target?
  • Provide all the sensational Copywriting your new brand needs
  • Draft your UVP and marketing materials + print them at lower costs **zingaling!
  • Build your website the way you need it to work and flow to convert visitors to clients
  • SEO your website to make sure that you’re carving a niche where you need to be on the world wide web
  • We host your website in Canada, not some far off weird land where you have no idea how and where your personal information is directed too. The-Worst!
  • You OWN your domain, we remind you when it’s due, to keep  your ownership and don’t charge you unnecessary fees to maintain this service
  • Pulp Cottage has an insane and unorthodox advertising department! We get it all out there, specializing in Disruptive Marketing tactics, antics –you get it 😉
We hope you found our **  express website ** tip sheet helpful.

Book your website project with us, today.



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