Does YOUR Business Need a Technical Writer? Probably!

10 Tired Steps to Change Now — Technical Writing to the Rescue

Chances are that your small to medium sized business is spreading out Technical Writing “jobs” like-Nutella-over-toast amongst your supervisors and managers, and you don’t realize it! Your most-expensive company personnel might be wasting their time and your dollars on scopes that are easily diverted to a Technical Writer.

Back it up a bit! What IS Technical Writing, anyways?

This specialized type of writing is: Targeted writing that meets your operational demands precisely. Tech Writing is a writing style used for custom writing scopes that are typically project specific.

Skilled Tech Writers are flexi wordsmiths who regularly combine amaze-balls digital designs into their work. Take an important yet simple press release project for example and learn how a Tech Writer gets the job done in a simplified process:

Press Release Scenario – Old Way – 10 Tired Steps  (No Tech Writer)

1-Corporate Kahuna wants the public and his staff to know about a big new company development!

2-Kahuna relates this sentiment to his General Manger, and says “get it done this week!”

3-GM is busy but takes time to compose an eloquent and concise written message. Hoping that she got it all right?!

4-When finished the GM notices that the message has no pizzazz and could use an image or two. She’s also not sure if the message is grammatically correct – she’s a Manager not a word-nerd.

5-GM remembers that Sally in accounting is great at hobby-blogging and enlists her help to proofread the mega-corporate message.

6-Sally has to stop what she’s doing and try to last-minute help out her GM. Sally promises to try to work on the project more, during her lunch break.

7-Sally is too busy at lunch, but hastily glazes over the message composed by the GM and starts to feel like she’s in over her head! Sally doesn’t want to disappoint the GM AND the Big Kahuna. Sally doesn’t know if she should bother her busy GM with more questions that she has about the last minute project?

8-Sally does the best she can, gives back the Press Release Statement to her GM and everyone hopes for the best.

9-GM publishes the Press Release on the company website and fans the same message out to the Socials and local newspaper.

10-Behold! The Press Release Statement is filled with grammatical errors —Quelle Horreur! The accompanying images selected are distorted AND everyone forgot to include the company logo-Grrr!

Time Fail. Energy Fail. Corporate Resource Fail = FrUsTrAtIoN!

Here’s the same scenario but with a Technical Writer to the rescue:

1-Corporate Kahuna wants the public and his staff to know about a big new company development! Kahuna relates this sentiment to his General Manger, says “get it done this week!”

2-GM contacts the staff Technical Writer or contracts a good one they know, to help. Tech Writer meets quickly with GM to learn the entire message and MOVEMENT desired. (In-person or video-conference call: requirement capture complete)

3-Tech Writer gets to work and bangs out a completely polished result that is eloquent, on-point, on-time and most importantly — on Brand!

4-GM confidently releases the sensational Press Release Statement with gorgeous graphics | images to the website maintenance crew, the Socials and to the local newspaper.

Pop the champagne corks, nice job everyone! Kahuna is extremely pleased with the level of professionalism amongst his crew and confident that corporate image remains expertly represented. Accounting Sally and GM never left their departments and hadn’t missed a single-productive-heartbeat!

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