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(On the mat segment)

Congratulations! You’ve booked your first Yoga class; good for you—you got this! With only a few classes under your belt, you’re going to learn about who you are, in a way that you never knew existed. You will soon start to become hyper-aware of the relationship that you have with yourself, and secondly, with your environments. This is an exciting adventure happening every time you step onto your practice mat.

Please remember that the purpose of attending a Yoga class is to gain more flexibility within your mind, body and spirit. It’s perfectly normal if you can’t touch-your-toes yet; this is why you go to class, so don’t be nervous if this is where you’ll be starting.

You’re probably more than a bit aware that you may not understand some of the strange Sanskrit words that your instructor might throw around, too.  Here’s a bit of a “primer” to get you started. (Print this cheat-sheet chart and take it to class)

The cheat sheet:



Controlled breathing-breathing is EVERYTHING, in Yoga
To lock or engage a specific body zone
3 main zones: throat, solar plexes, pelvic floor
Physical posture or pose
Arranging physical / body poses in a sequence
Mountain pose, standing tall like a mountain with strong roots
Corpse pose, a class favourite at wind-down / end of class
 A respectful greeting or farewell “my inner light honors your inner light”
 Repeating a motto, words, syllables, affirmations or sounds
 Ancient Yogic language, still widely used in modern day Yoga practice
Om Vibrational sound to mimic, used to connect you to the natural sound that our Earth makes



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