Welcome! What is Pulp Cottage, you ask? Pulp Cottage is a lifestyle movement; mashing work and lifestyle themes together! A funky lakeside full-suite writing and digital design shack. We’re located directly on the shoreline of Moose Lake—the Mighty Moose, we’ve dubbed her.


Pulp Cottage is where we write, and get creative. When we’re not pressed to meet a tight deadline, we take breaks on the boat, paddleboards and canoes to gain more inspiration for our best produced content. In true Canadian fashion, we work hard and play hard! We get ‘er done for our clients, and never take for granted that infinite inspiration, is only a step outside into Canada’s natural splendour. In our case, just a hop off our dock!

Check out our client testimonials and what they have to say about the creative and technical content that is churned out of the Cottage…we believe it’s best to “show” instead of “tell.” >> HIRE PULP COTTAGE



Canadian Lakeside Writer | Digitial Designer

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